11 Questions a Pet Owner Should Ask a Potential Dog Walker

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1. Do you have insurance?

A responsible and professional dog walker is insured and bonded. By asking this question, you know that the dog walker is prepared should accidents occur.

2. Do you have references?

When your dog walker is able to provide references, it means that they have experience, professional and liked by previous dog owners they have worked with.

3. How long have you been working with dogs?

The dog walker’s answer will tell you if they have been exposed long enough with dogs. It also tells you whether they are experienced enough to deal with your four-legged friends.

4. Do you have a dog yourself?

If the answer is yes, it means that they look at dogs as friends and know very well what their needs are. It will help you feel more at ease with the dog walker knowing that they own a dog too.

5. Are you familiar with my neighborhood?

Your dog walker’s familiarity with your neighborhood is essential because having such knowledge will help them estimate how long a walk would take via a specific route. It also tells you that they know which locations have potentially busy streets to be avoided during dog walking. It also gives you an assurance that they won’t get lost.

6. What kind of training do you require of your employees?

If your dog walker requires employees to be trained especially with first aid for dogs, it tells you that they are professional and credible. Knowing this will help you feel safe enough to allow your dog to be cared for by them.

7. Do you do background checks on your dog walkers?

If yes, it tells you that the company is professional and reputable. It means they care enough about the dogs to make sure that their potential employees have no issues that can affect the dogs they’ll care for.

8. Why do you like being a dog walker?

The potential dog walker’s answer will help you understand them and it will be your guide in making the decision to hire them or not.

9. How do you handle dogs that misbehave or act aggressively?

Knowing how to pacify your dog when he misbehaves is a crucial skill that only professional and experienced dog walkers know. An experienced dog walker should also be knowledgeable about obedience training. They should know how to approach this potentially dangerous situation. If their answer is what you wanted to hear, then hire them.

10. What are your rates?

This is a good question to ask as their answer will also help you make the right decision. Also ask if they charge extra fees for specific activities like extra play time. Check to see as well if they have any new customer promotions or discount coupons.

11. Can I come along for a test walk?

Your potential dog walker’s answer should be a yes. If they don’t, then you may not want to work with them. If they say yes, you’ll get the opportunity to see first-hand how they interact with your beloved pooch. If something doesn’t sit well with you during the walk, listen to your instincts. Move on to the next dog walker on your list.

Every Pet Lover Wants Safety and Good Health for their Dogs


Helping dog parents keep their pets safe is something that matters so much to us here at NuVet Labs. Keeping your dog healthy is another very important matter. One way you can make that happen is by giving NuVet Plus to your pooch. NuVet Plus is made with human-grade ingredients in an FDA-registered laboratory. Pet parents who had their canine companion try NuVet Plus have been happy to share with us how NuVet Plus has helped their dogs become healthier while looking better. You can read their testimonials on NuVet Plus Reviews. These NuVet Reviews will tell you their stories of pets experiencing relief from health issues like allergies and joint discomfort among others. To see more of what they have to say, visit NuVet Plus Reviews today.

11 Questions a Pet Owner Should Ask a Potential Dog Walker

5 Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About Cats

Cats are known to be mysterious and aloof, which a lot of people find intriguing and endearing at the same time. Their independent nature makes them perfect pets for families and individuals who want low-maintenance pets at home. Felines can be full of surprises. NuVet Labs listed down a few interesting facts that you probably don’t know about cats.

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  1. 1.      Keepin’ It Cool

Have you ever wondered why cats leave wet paw prints during hot days? Like humans, they keep themselves cool by sweating, but they do it through the pads of their feet. These fluffy felines are also good at finding places where they could stay cool. Don’t be surprised if you see them hanging out or sleeping under the shades of a tree or on cold floor tiles during warmer seasons.

  1. 2.      Floating Collarbones

Notice how cats could fit into small and tricky places like the gaps of your couch and other narrow spaces. They are able to do this because their collarbones are not attached to any bones but are embedded in their muscles, making them not functional. This allows cats to squeeze themselves into places as wide as their head. This ability is useful for hunting because it gives them more flexibility and a wider range of movement.

  1. 3.      Earthquake Detectors

Many believe that our feline companions can predict if an earthquake is coming, even though there are no solid evidence to confirm this. However, there are some proofs that suggest cats are sensitive to changes in the earth’s magnetism, while some say they can sense even the slightest seismic activities through the pads of their feet. So when your pet cat starts freaking out for no apparent reason, there might be an earthquake coming your way.

  1. 4.      Survival on Saltwater

Seawater has high salt content which makes it unsafe for human and canine consumption. Cats, on the other hand, are totally fine with drinking seawater because their kidneys can effectively filter out large amounts of salt, allowing their bodies to absorb desalinated water. For this reason, cats are able to survive longer on boats or islands.

  1. 5.      Kitty population explosion

There has been an increase in cat population recently and one of the theories that explain this baby boom is global warming. Cats mate during the warmer months. With global warming, we experience longer warm seasons which creates a longer breeding period for fluffy felines. At present, the cat population exceeds dog population by millions.

Keeping your Cats Healthy and Strong

Cats are really fascinating animals and their independence makes them great house pets. But no matter how independent they may seem, they still need tender love and care. As pet owners, we can show them our love by keeping them healthy at all times. Aside from a well-balanced diet, they also need nutritious vitamins to make them healthy both inside and out.

NuVet Plus is the perfect supplement to help felines live healthier lives. According to NuVet Plus Reviews, cat owners have observed surprising improvements to the overall health of their pets after giving them NuVet Plus.

Want to learn more about how NuVet Plus can benefit your pet cat? Visit our NuVet Reviews page to see what other pet owners have to say about our product.

Two Delightful Treats Your Pooch Will Love in Summer!



Summer is that season of the year when you crave for refreshments many times throughout the day. Beating the heat can be fun when you have delectable treats to cool you down. While munching on your frozen delights, be the good and loving pet parent that you are and hand a few of them to your loyal dog! Giving your dog a yummy summer indulgence is a small favor that you can extend to your lovely everyday companion who feels the heat just as much as you do. NuVet has come up with two summer treats that your pooch will just adore!

Bewitching Banana-Strawberry Bars

What you need:

1 tbsp. of molasses, 4 Cups of Water, 2 Cups of bananas chopped into small pieces and 2 Cups of strawberries, also chopped into small pieces

How to make it:

Making banana strawberry bars is very easy. In a bowl of water, just pour the molasses, stirring them until they are nowhere to be seen. Mix in your chopped bananas and strawberries. Thereafter, pour the mixture into ice trays, Popsicle or any available paper cups. Refrigerate until frozen and voila! You have fruit bars to lure your favorite pet!

Palatable Porksicles

What you need:

¼ Cup of milk, 3 tbsps. of real maple syrup, 1 Cup of plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt, 1/3 Cup of applesauce and 6 tbsps. of real (not soy) bacon bits

How to make it:

In making porksicles, follow the same procedure as in making fruit bars. First, pour all your liquid ingredients-milk, yogurt, applesauce and maple syrup in a bowl. Then add the bacon bits into it. Stir and pour the mixture into ice trays, Popsicle or any available paper cups. Refrigerate until frozen and that’s it! You have your palatable porksicles ready to be served to your awaiting pup!

Supplements for Summer

At NuVet, we care about your pet’s’ welfare the way you do. We know how important it is for your dog to be fed with nutritious, and at the same time tasty, food to get them going.  That is why we take pride in manufacturing NuVet Plus, a vitamin-rich food supplement for your beloved doggies. With human-grade ingredients, NuVet Plus is manufactured in a laboratory registered with the FDA. For our commitment in dog nutrition, we are highly-recommended by our satisfied clients. Check our NuVet Plus Reviews to read their honest and sincere testimonials. As you will see in our NuVet Plus Reviews Section, our clients are happy with the fact that the supplement has eased their dog’s allergies in the past and has bettered the overall quality of their lives. To know how NuVet Plus can do the same thing for your pet, visit our website at NuVet.com.

NuVet Labs: Treat Your Dog’s Bad Breath through These 6 Easier Ways


So you’ve just discovered that Fido’s breath smells plainly bad. You took all necessary steps to address it by feeding him with a high quality diet, taking him to check-ups with his vet regularly, and flossed his teeth! You don’t see much result and you’re getting a little disappointed. Stop fretting for you’re in great luck! NuVet is here to your rescue so don’t give up the fight against Fido’s bad breath just yet. NuVet compiled this list for you in an effort to help you win the fight against Fido’s unpleasant breath. Here are 6 more easy ways to treat your dog’s bad breath.

1. Mouthwash

Do you know that aside from toothpastes specially made for dogs, there is also a mouthwash made just for your furry friend? It’s also known as liquid tartar remover and it’s very easy to use. Just add it to your dog’s water and let him drink it. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of plaque and tartar causing your dog’s bad breath.

2. Chews

Chews are available in almost all pet supply stores and they are helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of your dog’s mouth and the freshness of his breath. One example used by dog parents is Greenies. Greenies has charcoal, an ingredient which helps you win the war against unpleasant doggie breath.

 3. Rawhide

To keep your dog’s teeth look clean and their breath smell fresh, feed them with high-quality rawhide. Ask your vet about his or her recommendations. Keep in mind that when your pup is eating rawhide and other kinds of chew products, you should be around to supervise him as these types of products sometimes get stuck in Fido’s digestive tract. Choose high quality products to prevent these kinds of instances.

4. Chlorhexidine

Chlorhexidine is a type of antiseptic present in some mouth sprays and chews specially made for your dog. It can be brought online or in your local pet store. They help freshen up Fido’s breath. If you have any concerns about using chlorhexidine, seek advice from your vet.

5. Clean your dog’s dish

Your dog’s food and water dishes must be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals to prevent the bacteria from inhabiting the dishes and to also keep them away from Fido’s mouth. A statistic shows that 50% of dog parents admit to not cleaning their pup’s dish once a week and it’s alarming! You can avoid this from happening by purchasing a dishwasher-friendly dish so you can make it a point to have the dish cleaned through the help of the dishwasher, making this task a little easy for you if you find cleaning Fido’s dish a bit hard.

6. Good Nutrition

Pups and dogs which do not receive proper nutrition are undernourished and can have problems with bad breath. Do not let your pooch be one of them by making sure he receives high-quality food matched with the best and nutritious vitamin supplement like NuVet PlusNuVet Plus has been popular among discerning dog parents everywhere. To read more of their personal experience with NuVet Plus, check out NuVet Reviews.

NuVet hopes that you’ve found these simple tips helpful in your fight against doggie halitosis. Good oral hygiene is as important as proper nutrition, to help Fido be at his best every day. For this reason, we created NuVet Plus, a nutritious supplement specially formulated to provide your dog’s dietary needs. Outstanding nutrition is just a toothsome tablet away with NuVet Plus. Dog parents are raving because of the impressive results they’ve witnessed when their canine family members started taking in NuVet Plus. We share their personal testimonies on NuVet Reviews for you to read. Learn more about what their experiences have been by stopping by the NuVet Plus Reviews.

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A Dog’s Bad Breath


Bad breath in a dog can be caused by a number of different reasons. Since NuVet Plus is a supplement for a dog’s health, we recognize that we should be able to address other health problems as well as nutrition. Because of that, we have compiled a few reasons why your dog may have bad breath so that you can help assess any underlying problems

1.      Dental problems

Check your dog for any oral diseases. Anything abnormal growing in your dog’s mouth may lead to increased bacteria leading to bad breath. Gingivitis, a common sickness in humans, can also be evident in dogs, leading to another cause of bad breath. A dog that is teething can also have bad breath. Regularly check your dog’s mouth for any abnormalities and clean it properly to lessen the probability of disease.

2.      Organ problems

Diabetes can lead to another type of scent – a fruity version. Kidney problems can also lead to bad breath that may even smell like urine. Finally, foul smelling breath, vomiting, and yellowish eyes can be a sign of liver problems. All of these can become serious when untreated so make sure that you get regular checkups for your dog and that you bring them to veterinarian straightaway when you suspect any of these problems.

3.      Allergies

Having a cold or experiencing blocked sinuses can lead to bad breath. If possible, eliminate the source of allergies. In general, you can bring your dog to the veterinarian and they will be able to help you better. This also goes for any other thing that may be harming your dog or leading to bad breath.

4.      Nutrition issues

Bad nutrition can also affect your dog’s breath. Bad breath can be caused by unsatisfied dietary needs or even when you always feed your dog from the table. Certain nutritional habits can lead to detrimental health issues which include bad breath as a symptom. Supplements like NuVet Plus can help you improve your dog’s nutrition greatly.

It is very important to consult your veterinarian whenever you think that something wrong is happening to your dog. Bad breath may simply be from poor hygiene but it can also be the sign of much worse diseases. To minimize the possibility of disease, brush your dog’s teeth regularly and give them NuVet Plus. This supplement can help improve your dog’s nutrition and possibly even their bad breath. Check out NuVet Plus Reviews if you’re interested in learning more.

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Putting Technology and Pets Together

nuvet,nuvetplus,nuvetlabs,nuvetreviews,nuvetplusreviewsTaking care of your dog is always great when you think about the fun times you have with them. You can create even more memories with new technology that can make bonding much more enjoyable. Gadgets can help you make the most of your leisure time with your dog, so here are a few that you might like:

  • Petcube

With Petcube, you can see what your dog is doing while you’re not around. The Petcube not only allows you to find out all the naughty things your dog might be doing, it also lets you talk to your dog from afar. It further revolutionizes pet care by having a controllable laser pointer. Now you can make sure that your dog is always safe, even when you’re not beside your pet. Price: $199.00

  • PetChatz

This interactive gadget allows two-way communication between you and your dog, allowing you to see each other. PetChatz can also save and emit your dog’s favorite scent as well as give him treats, and maybe even supplements such as NuVet Plus. All you need to use PetChatz is Wi-Fi. Price: $349.00

  • iFetch

Playing fetch with your dog has never been easier and fulfilling. The iFetch comes with three balls that your dog can load onto the gadget. It will then throw the ball and wait for your dog to return with it. Not only does it let you rest a bit, the iFetch also teaches your dog a few tricks such as returning the ball. Price: $115.00

  • Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Tagg is the ultimate pet companion. Attached to your collar, this device works with a cellular data plan to allow you continuous access to your dog’s location. The rechargeable gadget can also send you directions, notifications and maps. Price: $79.95

  • Dyson Groom Tool

The Dyson Groom Tool is perfect for sucking up the hair from your dog that keeps flying around. It helps make sure that your dog’s topcoat and undercoat stays away from the rest of the house. Price: $69.99

These gadgets were created to help you maximize the fun and bonding you can have with your dog while maximizing safety. To complete their care, keep them healthy with NuVet Plus. Manufactured in an FDA registered lab, NuVet Plus is always of the highest quality. NuVet Plus is now the trusted supplement of many pet owners. To learn more about NuVet Plus and all it has to offer, check out NuVet Reviews.

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NuVet Labs: 7 Things Your Cat Wish You knew


Cats are mysterious, enigmatic, and complex creatures. Their aloofness can sometimes baffle and even frustrate us. If you have ever found yourself confounded by your cat, continue reading because NuVet thought we would help some of those confused by their cat’s behavior by shedding some light on 7 things your cat might want you to know (if they could talk). Continue reading. You might discover something you did not know before.

1. You are mine. Whenever your cat rubs up against you or licks you she leaves behind traces         of her essence. She does this so other cats know that you belong to her.

2.   I am good for you. Not only can cats help lower your blood pressure, having cats around            you from an early age can help you build up immunity to allergies and to cats. A cat’s fluffy          presence and sterling personality can also help ease depression and reduce your chances of      stroke. What could be better?

3.  Peeing on your bed was the only option. Unfortunately, if your cat has a urinary tract                    infection or they cannot find a clean litter box to urinate in she might just pee on your bed or      somewhere else she is sure you will notice. Take it as a hint that kitty is either not feeling well      or you need to pay better attention to the litter box.

4.  I love routine. Cats are creatures of habit and there isn’t anything they like or appreciate              more than their routine. If this routine gets messed up don’t be surprised to find your cat on      edge or unhappy. He may hide, eat less or show other signs of distress. Keep this in mind            the next time you have a big party with all your friends and are confused when Fluffy is                nowhere in sight.

5.  I would benefit from a high quality supplement. Just like people, cats do well when fed a high     quality diet and supplied with a nutritious daily vitamin. NuVet Plus feline formula is one             supplement that has become the first choice for many cat parents.

6.  My whiskers are not only cute they are important. Cat’s whiskers perform the very important      function of helping her determine if she will be able to fit in a confined spot or small opening.

7.  Just like you I itch when my allergies are bothering me. Don’t be surprised to learn that cats       can suffer from annoying allergies too. Raw patches of skin, sneezing and eye discharge are         some signs your cat could be allergic to something. If you suspect allergies make an                       appointment to see your vet. If your vet confirms allergies talk with her or him about adding a     supplement like NuVet Plus feline formula to her diet.

Cat’s are interesting creatures that can baffle us. Hopefully these 7 interesting things about cats will help you understand your furry little friend a little easier. Making your life with kitty harmonious and happy is important to us, so is providing cat parents with good nutrition for their feline companions, which is why we created NuVet Plus feline formula. Many cat parents have already discovered what makes NuVet Plus feline formula such an excellent product. If you would like to learn more, please visit NuVet Reviews.

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NuVet Labs: Simple Dos and Don’ts for Naming Your Dog

You have made the fun and life-changing decision to add a dog to your household. The only problem is, you can’t figure out what to name him. Fortunately, NuVet is here to help with a few naming dos and don’ts that we think you may find helpful. Keep reading to learn some helpful naming tips.

Nuvet,nuvet plus,nuvet labs,nuvet reviews,nuvet plus reviews,nuvet labs reviews


Make sure it doesn’t sound like a command

Because learning commands is really important for your dog, you will want to make sure that you do not select a name that is very similar to a command as your dog could become confused. For example, don’t name your dog “Clay” because it sounds a lot like “stay” and “Flo” sounds really similar to “no”.

Have it end in a long vowel

By selecting a name that ends with a longer vowel sound you can help avoid any confusion with shorter consonant ending commands. In other words, your pup won’t get his name confused with a command. For example, the name “Sparky” doesn’t come close to “Sit,” “Stay,” “Down,” or “No.”

Remember who will be hearing it

Make sure to keep in mind other people will be hearing your dog’s name. When you go to the vet, the groomer, the dog park or anywhere else with your pup people are going to hear you address your canine friend. Choosing a name that is offensive or inappropriate could upset somebody or cause problems.

Observe your dog’s personality

One great way to come up with a fitting name for your pup is to observe him or her for a while. Take a few days or more to get to know your new friend. Notice any quirky, cute behavior inherent in your dog. It could help you pick out the perfect and enduring name.

Pay homage to a famous dog

Another great way to come up with a name for your dog is to select a name from that long list of famous dogs. Benji, Lassie or Clifford are a few to pick from. You may find that your special friend reminds you of a famous and endearing canine. Look for that special name in favorite books, films, cartoons and even politics.


Don’t name your dog after somebody you know

It is generally not a good idea to name your dog after somebody you know. No matter how good your intentions are the possibility exists that you could hurt feelings or cause offense. When coming up with a name keep the family tree, workplace, or your circle of friends out of it.

Don’t make it complicated

Dog’s respond best to simple names. One or two syllable names are always the best. Anything long or complicated will just cause confusion and could be unsuccessful. Names that start with sharp consonants, s, k or c all good places to start.

Don’t rush into it

Don’t feel like you need to come up with a name immediately. Take your time to get to know your dog. There is no rule on when your dog should have an official name. It won’t even hurt to try a few of your top picks to see how they roll off the tongue or how your dog responds to them. You might find your dog has a preference, in which case your job just became easier!

Don’t change it

If you are adopting a dog that already has a name the general rule of thumb is not to change it, especially if your pooch is perfectly happy with it. If you absolutely must change the name (for example your new canine friend just happens to have your least favorite high school teacher’s name) then pick a name that sounds similar. So, if you have a hard time reconciling your awesome new friend with the name “Barry” see if you can tolerate “Jerry” or “Harry”.

Coming up with a name for your new friend should be fun and special. Don’t rush into it. You’ll know when you find it. And remember to keep it simple. Another part of your dog’s life you should keep simple is your choice when it comes to a nutritious vitamin. Comprised of high-quality, human grade ingredients NuVet Plus is an easy choice when it comes to keeping your dog healthy. Many dog parents have already made the decision to give their beloved dogs NuVet Plus and have generously shared their experiences with us that are truly amazing. We share these wonderful testimonials on NuVet Reviews. If you would like to learn more about this excellent supplement please visit NuVet Reviews.

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NuVet Labs: 4 Dog Friendly Cities in the U.S.

nuvet,nuvetreviews,nuvetplus,nuvetlabs,nuvetplusreviews,nuvetlabsreviewsIs a cross-country road trip in yours and Fido’s future? Perhaps you are hoping to find cities that will offer plenty of dog-friendly activities and places for you to go with your four-legged friend? Well, NuVet is here to help with a handy little list of cities you and your dog can feel welcome. Keep reading to learn more about these canine-centric cities and what they have to offer you and your furry friend.

Chicago, Illinois

If walking the sites is your ideal vacation, then you’re in luck with Chicago. Known for it’s great walkability, you and Fido can take in the fun sites and sounds of this city by the lake with a stroll down Navy Pier.  Chicago also boasts some fun dog beaches such as Montrose Dog Beach. Dog parks, like the popular Wiggly Field Dog Park, are also in abundance in Chicago where your pooch can run freely off-leash and hang out with other dogs. So the next time you’re near the Windy City with your dog, stop in and have some fun with your best friend!

Las Vegas, Nevada

If the Southwest is more your speed, why not trot over to Las Vegas? Your pup might not be able to gamble but you will certainly be able to find a dog friendly casino/hotel to stay in. Some resorts even have in-room canine-friendly amenities such as water bowls, mats and designated play areas just for dogs – so you can feel confident knowing your dog is truly welcome. Even better, Las Vegas has 25 dog parks where your pup can run and play!

Austin, Texas

Don’t forget the Lone Star State! Austin, Texas is a super fun place for you and your dog. If dining out is something you like to do then Austin is the place to be where dog-friendly dining is abundant. One establishment famous for reasonably priced food and doggie hospitality is called Freddie’s. Not only does Freddie’s include canine cuisine on its menu, it also has a dog patio where your pup can mingle with other dining dogs.  Plenty of water and dog biscuits abound at Freddie’s. When you’re not eating, Austin also has 12 off-leash areas where doggies and their humans can go and play.

Boston, Massachusetts

Let’s not forget the east coast! If you think New England might be on your list of places to visit with Fido, why not check out Boston? You and Fido can take in the history of this historic city known for it’s dog-walkability or you can opt to take the subway where your pooch is welcome during off-peak hours. You and your pup are even welcome to hop on a water taxi to get around. And don’t forget to visit the dog park. Although not in abundance, Boston still has some great off-leash parks like Peter’s Park Dog Run.

NuVet Knows that keeping your dog healthy is just as important as spending plenty of quality time with your pooch. So the next time you find yourself in the market for a nutritious, high quality dog supplement, why not try NuVet Plus? Comprised of the highest quality ingredients, NuVet Plus has become the trusted supplement of many discerning dog-parents. The NuVet Reviews pet owners regularly share tell the testimonials of dog parents who have made the switch to NuVet Plus and how this supplement has helped their pets. If you would like to read the amazing things that NuVet families are saying, visit the NuVet Reviews.

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6 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Eating Grass

It happened again. You let your pup out into the yard only to find him throwing up grass five minutes later. Because this is not the first time Fido has done this, you ask yourself why your pup would eat something only to throw it right back up again. Since eating grass is an issue many dog owners have experienced, NuVet thought we would take a closer look at why your pooch might be munching on grass. Continue reading to learn more.

nuvet,nuvetplus,nuvetlabs,nuvetlabsreviews,nuvetplus reviews,nuvet reviews,dogsReasons your dog may be eating grass:

  1. Your Dog Likes the taste of grass
  2. Eating grass might help Fido settle an upset stomach
  3. There was something in the grass that your dog really wanted to eat but the grass got in the way.
  4. It is helping your dog meet a nutritional requirement
  5. Your pup is eating grass because he is bored.

What you should know:

  1. Eating items that are not considered food is called Pica.
  2. Eating grass does not always result in throwing up.
  3. The majority of dogs eat grass at some point in their lives, some dogs more than others.
  4. If your dog is eating grass make sure that your lawn is not treated with pesticides or herbicides as this could make your dog ill.

What to do if your dog eats grass:

  1. If you think your dog is eating out of boredom, increase your pup’s physical activity. Go for more walks, take a class with Fido or playing fetch are all ways you can increase your pup’s activity.
  2. Take a closer look at your dog’s diet. Some dogs will eat grass if they are not getting enough fiber or receiving certain nutrients. Consider changing your dog’s food. Adding a high quality supplement like NuVet Plus to your dog’s diet is also a good place to start.
  3. If you are concerned and feel that your dog’s behavior is a problem or that eating grass is a more serious problem for your pet, consult your vet.
  4. If you have recently treated your lawn with weed killer or other chemicals and your dog has then eaten the grass, contact your vet right away.

Even though your dog is unable to communicate with words Fido will often use his behavior to convey to us what they need. Eating grass may or may not be one of these ways. Paying close attention to your dog and any changes in his normal behavior is one way to know. Figuring out why your dog is eating grass may be a complicated but giving your pup a nutritious supplement doesn’t have to be. That is why we bring you NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is a high-quality supplement comprised of human grade ingredients and manufactured in an FDA approved lab. Dog parents everywhere have decided to switch to NuVet Plus to completely satisfy their dog’s special nutritional requirements.  We regularly receive testimonials from pleased dog parents everywhere who share with us how NuVet Plus has improved their dog’s quality of life. We see these stories often in the NuVet Reviews. If you would like to learn more about NuVet Plus and see what puppy parents everywhere are talking about, check out the NuVet Reviews.

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