3 Important Reasons You Should Consider Neutering Your Cat

Kittens are adorable but kittens grow up and with maturity comes the cat’s natural desire to procreate. If your cat is not neutered this can result in a plethora of problematic behavior as well as kittens who may not have a home. If you are on the fence about whether or not to have your male cat neutered, NuVet thought we would share with you a few good reasons why you may decide to go with this commonly performed surgical procedure.

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What is Neutering?

Neutering only occurs with male cats. When a male cat is neutered he is surgically castrated and his testicles are completely removed. When a cat is neutered he can no longer mate with female cats and produce offspring.

Why Should I neuter my cat?

Aside from reducing the overwhelming homeless cat problem, there are many positive benefits to having your male cat neutered:

Cuts back on difficult feline behavior:

An intact male is strongly driven by his hormones and thus a need to mate. This will force him to spray to mark his territory. If you are familiar with this behavior then you know that what the cat is spraying is urine, which is far from pleasant and can easily permeate household furnishings leaving behind a very pungent odor that can be difficult to remove. Cats can also become more aggressive to fellow cats in their household as their desire to mate takes over. Fighting may result and injuries to the other cats as well as the intact male can occur.

Reduces risk of life threatening injuries

An unneutered cat allowed outdoors can get into all kinds of mischief. Driven by their biological urge to mate they will want to roam and can travel up to 2 miles from their home to find a female cat in heat. Intact males will fight with other male cats in their efforts to track down a female. Cats have sharp nails and teeth, which can cause serious injuries to the eyes, ears and other parts of the body. These injuries can also become infected. In addition to infection, cats can come into contact with sick cats that have transmissible and life threatening diseases such as feline leukemia and even rabies. Moreover, in order for the intact male to find a female he will need to travel into potentially high traffic areas. It is not uncommon for cats to get hit by cars and be killed or seriously injured.

Health benefits

Male cats that have been neutered do not get testicular cancer. There is also less chance of the neutered cat getting sick or injured from an intact male because a neutered cat is less likely to roam and fight with other female seeking males.

A note on intact indoor cats

It is important to mention that many people feel that if there cat is an indoor cat then he does not need to be neutered. However, an in-tact indoor male cat, in addition to spraying around the house, could quickly slip through an open door or window and wander far from home and not be able to find his way back. Remember, those biological urges are strong and these cats are highly motivated to get out.

When should I neuter my cat?

With a male cat it is best to have him neutered before he begins spraying, this is usually prior to five months. However, your cat should be at least 8 weeks old before he is neutered.

Where can I neuter my cat?

Your veterinarian should be qualified to perform the operation, which is usually performed fairly quickly once sedation occurs. Better still, there are organizations out there that can help by providing the service at a reduced cost. The ASPCA web site has a directory on their web site of organizations and veterinarians that perform the operation at a lower cost.

On average 1.4 million cats are euthanized in America each year. This number could be greatly reduced simply by having your cat neutered. NuVet knows how much you love your cat and we know keeping him safe and healthy is a priority. Another way you can help keep your cat at his best is by providing him with a nutrient rich vitamin supplement like NuVet Plus. Manufactured in our FDA registered lab, NuVet Plus is made using all human grade ingredients. Cat parents everywhere are using NuVet Plus. As a result, we regularly receive their happy reports on how NuVet Plus has helped to improve their pet’s quality of life. We love to share their letters on NuVet Reviews. If you would like see all of the amazing things NuVet Plus users are saying, please visit NuVet Reviews.

Household Hazards and your Cat

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Because of their typically reserved, poised and acrobatically elegant nature cats have a tendency to instill a false sense of security in their owners when it comes to household hazards. How many of us have watched as our cat slithered their way through a shelf full of fragile knick knacks without knocking one off or walked by that bottle of household cleaner with nary a sniff? Well, NuVet wants to remind cat owners that your feline friend can be quite vulnerable to some of the everyday things you may have around your home. Here are some things to be on the lookout for.


Although some cats may be prescribed similar drugs to that of their human family members just like human medications, pills need to be kept in a safe and secure place out of your pet’s reach. Over the counter medications we may not think much of, like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin, can be fatal to your cat. Vitamins, cancer medications and antidepressants are also medications to be super careful about. Also make sure that when you are giving your cat their flea or tick medication that it is especially formulated for cats.

Chemical Products

Household cleaners kept around the house, like bleach or antibacterial spray, can be fatal to your cat. Most cat parents can attest at how curious their feline family members are. This can make Fluffy vulnerable to these cleaning products which be left around the house. Always make sure that bottles are securely closed and or kept in a locked cabinet. Although quite slick in their movements even the most graceful cat has been known to knock things off a shelf. A poorly secured bottle of bleach left on a shelf can be knocked off, spilling and creating quite the hazard for your pet.


Just like us, cats like to be kept comfortable in their home. Keeping the temperature between 65 and 75 is optimal for your cat’s comfort. If you do not have air conditioning in your home, make sure to be able to provide proper ventilation for your cat, as well as plenty of fresh water to keep her hydrated, this will help keep her comfortable in potentially uncomfortable warmer temperatures. Also watch out for drafts and other cold spots that could aggravate joint problems, like arthritis, in older cats.

Washers and dryers

Cats are notorious for their need to be cozy. Many of us have probably seen our fluffy little friends curled up in a pile of laundry luxuriating in comfort. However, it is very important to make sure that before washing or drying your clothes that somewhere in that mound is not your cat! Sadly, there have been a few tales where an unknowing cat parent has tossed Fluffy in the dryer with the clothes only to find to their sad surprise upon opening up the dryer, that the thumping they heard was not a pair of tennis shoes. Be careful!

Yarn and string (linear items)

Who hasn’t enjoyed dangling a piece of yarn or string in front of their cat? Unfortunately, as much pleasure as playing with this simple toy might be for your cat, it can also be very harmful. If ingested, yarn and string can easily get tangled up in your cat’s intestines and they can also cause lacerations. This can be fatal. Very often surgery is necessary. Be aware of fishing line, dental floss and other thin strings. Sewing thread, especially with the needle still attached, can be particularly harmful if your cat swallows the needle. If you are concerned that your cat may have swallowed yarn, string or any other similar item, contact your vet immediately.

Keeping your cat safe and healthy is always a cat-owners main priority. A good place to start is making your home cat-friendly and safe. Another good way to keep your cat healthy is by introducing them to a daily vitamin supplement like NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus has been trusted by cat owners everywhere to provide their pets with excellent supplemental nutrition. If you would like to see what happy cat parents are saying about NuVet Plus, visit NuVet Reviews and read their amazing stories.

5 Movies You and Your Dog Will Enjoy

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With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer you might be finding yourself and your pooch ready to relax after a long day of playing outside. So why not grab the popcorn and few of your pups favorite treats and curl up on the couch with your canine friend (or friends) and enjoy a good movie or two or even three. To help make the selection process a little easier, NuVet selected 5 that you and Fido are sure to enjoy.

Up (Disney Pixar, 2009) Up is a heartwarming animated film that drives home the true spirit of adventure! Carl Fredricksen, who’s a bit of a curmudgeon, is angry when he finds himself having to give up his beloved, memory filled home. Instead, he decides to move it himself, which begins Carl’s fulfillment of his lifelong dream. Along the way he meets a ragtag group of very interesting individuals and some pretty amazing dogs who teach him some very valuable lessons. This one is sure to make you laugh and maybe even cry. UP is sure to be a family favorite!

The Wizard of OZ (MGM, 1939) Okay, so maybe you have seen this one already but The Wizard of OZ never gets old despite being one of the most beloved classic films of all time. What makes this film truly enjoyable are the impressive acting chops of Toto, Dorothy Gale’s beloved Cairn terrier who plays an instrumental part in saving the day in this groundbreaking fantasy film. Swept up and away in their house during a tornado, Dorothy wakes up to find herself and her tenacious pooch Toto in a strange, magical land full of intriguing characters and an evil witch looking for revenge. Dorothy’s sole objective is to find her way back to Kansas. Along the way she learns the true meaning of friendship.  Suspenseful and full of action, The Wizard of Oz is a timeless crowd pleaser.

Benji (Mulberry Square Releasing, 1974) One of the most heroic movie dogs of all time Benji is sure to become one of your go-to films especially if you are craving action and adventure. When brother and sister Paul and Cindy are kidnapped, only Benji, a beloved small-town stray, can help them. In his effort to save them Benji must confront angry parents, dangerous kidnappers, confused police officers and whole bunch of other interesting characters.  Benji will have you and your pup sitting on the edge of your seats as you root for the intelligent and loyal Benji!

Turner and Hooch (Touchstone Pictures, 1989) If you are a fan of the Dogue de Bordeaux and actor Tom Hanks you are going to love Turner and Hooch. After his owner is killed, Hooch and Officer Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) team up to catch the killer and solve a mystery. In the meantime viewers will enjoy the messy and silly antics that Hooch gets up to while hilariously worming his way into the Heart of meticulous and extremely tidy, Scott Turner. If a comedy with mystery-filled twists and turns are what you are in the mood for, check out Turner and Hooch.

Hachi: a Dog’s Tale (Stage 6 Films, 2009) Make sure to have the box of Kleenex ready because this one is a real tear jerker. Based on the true story of an Akita named Hachiko who lived in Japan, Hachi tells the amazing story of the bond shared by Professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) and the mysterious puppy, Hachi, he finds at the train station. The movie follows Parker and Hachi as they develop an incredible bond, which brings Hachi to the train station every day as he sees Parker off to work and then meets him on his return home.  The story is told by Ronnie via an oral report he is giving about his Grandfather, who we learn is Parker and Parker’s devoted dog Hachi.

NuVet knows that spending quality time with your pooch is enriching as well as important in strengthening that special bond that you have with your dog. Keeping your dog healthy is also very important in maintaining an enriching life for your dog, which is why NuVet Labs developed NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is a specially formulated nutritional supplement designed and manufactured in our FDA registered lab. Dog owners everywhere have been very happy by the positive results they are seeing in their pets after starting a daily regimen of NuVet Plus. Read the NuVet Reviews our customers have shared and see the amazing testimonials that we have received from ecstatic dog owners everywhere. Check out the NuVet Reviews and see what happy pet owners are saying about it. 

NuVet Labs: Part 2 – How To leash Train your Cat: Adding the Leash and Going For a Walk

So you’ve gotten Fluffy comfortable wearing her harness and she’s strutting around the house like nothing is out of the ordinary. Those happy neighborhood strolls you have always dreamed about taking with your feline are closer to becoming a reality. The only thing left to do is add the leash and practice. Here is what we recommend…


Selecting a leash

If you did not purchase a leash when you selected your cat’s harness, you are going to need to pick one up. Cat leashes are not the same as dog leashes. Typically a cat leash is much lighter and made of more flexible material. This is because cats are lighter than dogs and not as forceful on a leash. It is not a good idea to use a heavy chain or a retractable leash as they can become tangled up in your cat, you or other items you may encounter on your walk.

Time for the leash

Now that you are confident that your little ball of fur is happy with her harness you can now attach the leash. A good rule of thumb, just like with the harness, is to get your cat comfortable with the leash to the point where she really won’t give it a second thought. After she has been wearing the harness alone for a while, attach the leash and just let it hang. Allow your cat to walk around with the leash dragging behind her. This will get her used to the weight of the leash. Make sure to stay nearby in case the leash gets tangled or stuck on a piece of furniture. Offer your cat treats and praise during this process. Repeat as often as needed until Fluffy seems comfortable.

Let’s go for a walk!

Now for the fun part! Pick up the leash and go for some practice walks around the house. Let Fluffy lead the way. Don’t pull on the leash or hold it too firmly just keep things nice and relaxed. Take a walk around the house and when you are comfortable head outside. Take your time. Have Fluffy explore the back yard with you in tow. When Kitty seems comfortable with her forays near the house now you can decide if you are ready to head down the block or the park! Your walks will never be the same. We bet you become the envy of your cat loving friends and neighbors. Don’t be surprised if you start to notice more cats around town going for walks.

Taking regular walks is a great way to help feed your cat’s natural curiosity and a great way for you and your pet to stay healthy. NuVet is passionate about helping you keep your cat healthy, which is why we created NuVet Plus Feline Formula.  NuVet Plus is a nutritious vitamin supplement comprised of human-grade ingredients and especially designed to meet your cat’s nutritional requirements. Many cat parents have been thrilled with the improvements they are witnessing in their cat’s health and overall well-being. Regularly we post their testimonials on NuVet Reviews. If you would like to learn more about NuVet Plus, visit NuVet Reviews.

Top 5 Cat Misconceptions and the Truth Behind Them

There are a lot of misconception about cats that cat parents want to clarify. Today, we’re sharing the top five on our list that gets frequently asked.

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Cats Steal Newborn’s Breath

This myth is associated with witchcraft in the early days. People believe that cats steal babies breath which can get really scary to new mothers and cat parents at the same time. I hate to break it into your but the truth is, it’s a myth!

Cats are caring animals. Like you or any other loved one, they simply want to cuddle with your baby. Always keep an eye on your cat. It’s very dangerous when they are around newborns.

Cats are Afraid of Water

Straight up, it’s not true! Like your favorite canine friends, cats also loves water. They love taking a bath and enjoys it a lot. Breeds like the Turkish Van loves playing in the water.

But why do cat looks as if they’re super-scared with water? This is because cats don’t have the ability to adapt to water and and immersing themselves in. However, large cats also love to fish and play in lakes and stream.

Cats are Into Cow’s Milk

This is huge misconception. Kittens must drink their mother’s milk for optimum nutrition. They need it before weaning. When weaned, kittens can eat solid food and milk is not necessary anymore. Reality is, most cats are actually lactose intolerant, so when they consume cow’s milk, it may lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Fresh water works best when they are weaned.

Calico Cats are all Female Cats

The calico pattern gives domestic cats a spotted parti-colored coat that is predominantly white. This is dictated by the X chromosome. This explains why most calico cats are female. However, this doesn’t not disqualify the chances that male calico cats will be born.

Declawing = Nail Trimming

Declawing is definitely not equal to nail trimming. Declawing is a surgical procedure and gives permanent results. Some cat parents send their lovies for declawing to preserve their furnitures amongst other things. Scratching is the natural way that cats trim their nails. It is also a way for them to mark their territory and oftentimes, they simply want to stretch. Training your cat will be very helpful to avoid having these situations.

Things You Need to Know about Autism Service Dogs

What is Autism?

According to Austismspeaks.org:

             ”Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors… ASD can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination and attention and physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances.”

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How Autism Service Dogs Help Individuals with Autism

Every year, the number of individuals diagnosed with Autism rises. For this reason, the demand for Autism service dogs have also increased. This is especially true for children who experience difficulty completing regular daily tasks and children who struggle with interacting with their environment.

Autism service dogs provide emotional and physical support to these children after a number of months of specialized training. They also provide physical safety to Autistic children who may not be aware of the potential dangers that are present in their environment. They also provide protection, safety and support to individuals with Autism who experience seizures. Autism service dogs also have the ability of helping kids learn how to interact socially, improving their overall quality of life.

Important Things You Need To Know About Autism Service Dog

Devoted volunteers train Autism service dogs to assist those on the Autism spectrum successfully. The training usually takes months and even years. These dogs were hand selected and sometimes especially bred to exhibit specific qualities like intelligence, good health, longevity and trainability. Some dogs which are trained came from dog rescues and shelters. Labrador retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador-Golden retriever mixes are the most chosen and trained by ASD service dog trainers because of their unique skills which make them great for Autism service. These dogs also undertake additional obedience and socialization training to help them be prepared for their important role.

How Autism Service Dogs are Paired up with People

For an individual with Autism to be paired with an Autism service dog, he or she has to fill out an application. They have to undergo a personality assessment and provide letters of recommendation. Most organizations will also request for a prescription from a physician stating that a service dog is needed by the individual with Autism so he or she can manage symptoms better.

In some cases, some individuals will be put in a waiting list and will have to wait for around 2 to 5 years long. Sometimes they can be paired with dogs sooner, depending on the organization.

The Autism service dog will be allowed to go to their new home once the primary caregiver of the individual who has Autism completed the training. Members of the supporting organization will also do a home check and will sometimes conduct additional training once the dog goes to its new home. This is just to ensure that the dog and their new family are adjusting well.

How You Can Help

There are a number of organizations who made it their mission to place these great dogs in the homes of individuals with Autism who need them. Most of them are not-for-profit organizations so your donations and fundraising efforts will always be appreciated.

Some of the organizations that you can help include:



Keeping Autism Service Dogs Healthy

NuVet Labs has high regard for service dogs. The ways they help people with special needs are incredible. They truly are deserving of our love and our appreciation. One way you can show how much you love and appreciate your canine companion is by providing them with outstanding nutrition. Do this by giving your pup a daily vitamin supplement like NuVet Plus.

NuVet Plus is given by happy dog parents to their dogs to ensure their health and happiness. Users of NuVet Plus have shared with us how NuVet Plus has helped their pets and you can check these out in NuVet Plus Reviews. You’ll be amazed with how healthy their dogs are. Visit NuVet Reviews to read these incredible testimonials. Visit NuVet Reviews page to read their incredible stories!


Your Cat and Ear Mites: What You Need to Know

What are ear mites?

The 8-legged parasites that are found in the ears of dogs and cats are called ear mites. These parasites are more common in cats, particularly in kittens and outdoor cats, than in dogs. Ear mites feed off wax, oil and blood inside cat’s ears. This leads to excess wax buildup which has been likened to coffee grounds for its dark color. The presence of ear mites causes extreme discomfort and uncontrollable scratching to your cats and usually results to inflamed skin and raw patches. In worse cases, it can also infect the internal and external parts of your cat’s ears. There are numerous classes of ear mites, but the one most commonly found in cats is referred to as Otodectes cynotis.

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How does your cat acquire ear mites?

Ear mites are infamous for their contagiousness. Through normal contact, ear mites are transmitted from one animal to another. This means that if you have several pets and one is manifesting symptoms of ear mites, then your other pets are most likely affected also.

What are the signs of ear mites?

The following are some signs that will tell you that your pet is affected by ear mites:

  • Coffee ground-like or crumbly dirt-like looking substance in the ear
  • Uncontrollable scratching of the ears
  • Shaking of the head
  • Sore or swollen-looking ears
  • Raw patches and scratches around the ear area
  • Foul odor oozing from the ears
  • Ear infections
  • Hair loss on or around the ear area

How do you eliminate ear mites?

If your pet shows any symptoms of ear mites, set an appointment with your vet. A thorough exam conducted by your vet will confirm whether your cat is affected by ear mites. Typically, the exam includes inspecting your cat’s ears, conducting lab tests, and obtaining a swab ear sample.

After diagnosis, your vet will clean the infected ear and prescribe an insecticide drop to ultimately kill the ear mites. Most medications are completely safe and are given for a week or a longer period. Over-the-counter treatments are also available; however, these are not as effective.

Ear mite infestation is an absolutely inconvenient suffering for your cat or any pet to go through. Fortunately, it can be easily prevented by paying attention to your cat’s body and keeping an eye for any unusual behavior. Observing the early signs will allow you to have your cat checked and treated immediately.

Top 5 Things to Do to Find your Lost Dog

As a pet owner, your dog is your responsibility. However, there are instances that you may lose sight of them especially when you are busy. Losing a dog may seem scary at first but there are things you can do to find your lost dog. Here are some of them.

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  • Keep Calm

It is normal to get frantic and stressed when you first learn that your dog is missing. However, doing so will not help so it is best to keep calm and relax. Don’t ever blame yourself; instead, think positive and think of helpful ways to find your dog.

  • Stay Organized

Like being frantic, a cluttered mind will not take you anywhere. It will only make you more stressed and confused. Hence, you have to stay organized and focused on your goal. Have a list of possible things to do to find your dog and stay patient.

  • Narrow Down the Possible Reasons Why your Dog Ran Away

There are many reasons why your dog might have ran away. For one, your dog might have smelled something and followed it. Opened doors and gates would also give them the opportunity to wander outside. And if your dog was lonely and bored, his tendency was to go outside or roam around. Think of all the possible reasons and narrow them down for hints on where your dog might have gone.

  • Hang Posters and Distribute Some of Them

Make posters that specify your dog’s physical appearance or better yet, include a picture of him. Offer a reward but don’t say how much. Hang them up on walls and distribute the other posters to people you see in the street.

  • Ask for Help

Finding your pet on your own will be difficult. Thus, you may ask help from friends and neighbors. You may also contact animal control as they can also help you find your lost pet. What’s more you can ask for help online as there are many organizations that can help you with your search.

Concisely, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. You have to take good care of your pet and make sure that he is always safe. Luckily, NuVet Plus is here to help you fulfill this responsibility. NuVet Plus is a nutritional supplement for dogs which are made from natural ingredients. Apart from these, it has many other benefits which you can see on our NuVet Plus Reviews page. Gain some insights as you read these NuVet Reviews which prove the health benefits that your dog will get from NuVet Plus.

How to Make Momma D’s Sumptuous Organic Chicken Jerky Strips for your Dog

NuVet Labs knows there isn’t any dog who does not love dog treats. For this reason, you should always keep your pet pantry stocked with goodies and treats that your dog loves.

Aside from that, you can use dog treats to greatly motivate your dog during training. It can also be a way for you to tell your dog how much you love him. A healthy and nutritious dog treat can be prepared easily from the comfort of your home. This will ensure that your dog avoids all the preservatives and additives present in dog treats made by commercial brands. With this in mind, we have a recipe made especially for your dog. You will only use one ingredient and that is chicken. Read on to know more about it and how you can prepare some for your beloved dog.

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Why chicken?

Dogs are carnivores which means that they thrive on a diet based mostly on meat. Cooked and deboned chicken is an excellent choice of dog food because it is lean and rich in protein. Protein is essential in dog’s health because it is packed with amino acids which are necessary for your dog’s skin, hair, nail, cartilage and muscle growth and repair. It is also essential for your dog’s hormone production so he can stay healthy and active. Aside from all these, here are other reasons why you should prioritize making your own dog treats.

Top Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Dog Treats

  • It does not require much effort.
  • You don’t need to make a special trip to the pet supply store.
  • It does not cost a lot.
  • You can be confident of the ingredients.
  • You can be as creative as you can by adding ingredients that are dog friendly in your recipe.
  • You can make them as gifts for the pets of your family and friends.
  • You can sell the treats to help raise funds for the pet charity you support.
  • Treats made from home have good shelf life.

Ingredients That You’ll Need

  • Organic chicken breast
  • Organic olive oil
  • Sharp knife
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Parchment paper (optional)
  • Clean surface where you can prepare the chicken

Steps to Make the Best Recipe for Scruffy

Step 1: Preheat the oven to the lowest possible setting. Some ovens can go as low as 170 degrees. In case the oven you use has higher temperature, stick to 200.

Step 2: Line a baking sheet together with parchment paper. If you don’t have parchment paper, you can use a cooking spray.

Step 3: Rinse chicken thoroughly using cool water. You can pat it dry afterwards using a paper towel.

Step 4: Trim off any fat from the chicken on the sanitized prep surface and then slice the chicken into strips anywhere between 1/4-inch to a 1/8-inch thick. Keep their size uniformed to help keep the cooking time similar for each piece.

Step 5: Place the chicken on cookie sheet and then brush chicken with olive oil lightly.

Step 6: Bake the chicken 2 hours or until the jerky is nice and dry. Break it apart to know.

Step 7: Let the chicken cool thoroughly by placing it on a wire cooling rack.

Step 8: Let your dog do a taste-test.

Step 9: Store the finished product in an air-tight container for up to 2 weeks.

Step 10: Repeat the process so you can make some more for the other pets of your friends and family!

NuVet Labs understands that your priority is to keep your dog happy and healthy. With this in mind, we have created NuVet Plus, a delicious and nutrient-rich vitamin supplement made with human-grade materials in an FDA-registered lab. NuVet Plus is dog approved and trusted by dog parents everywhere, as revealed in many NuVet Plus Reviews. NuVet Labs receive testimonials frequently from happy pet parents who want other pet parents to know how NuVet Plus helped them. As you can read in NuVet Plus Reviews, the supplement has improved their dog’s overall quality of life. Visit NuVet Reviews to read the exciting things that satisfied dog parents everywhere are saying.

Why You Should Not Leave your Dog Unattended in Cars under the Hot Weather

Your dog can be your best buddy and if possible, you want to bring him with you all the time. Unfortunately, there are certain events or places that won’t allow you to so there’s no choice but to leave him in your car. This may seem reasonable, but did you know that it is against the law to leave dogs in cars especially in a very hot weather? Unlike humans, dogs can’t ask for help when stuck in a car so being away for hours can threaten the life of your dog. If you do this, you have to face the following legal consequences.

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Misdemeanor Charges

In certain states like Illinois, Arizona, West Virginia, New Hampshire and Nevada, you are going to face misdemeanor charges depending on the condition of your dog.

Cruelty Charges

Leaving your dog alone and unattended in a car is considered cruelty in North Carolina, Vermont, and New Jersey. If you do such thing, cruelty charges can be filed against you as the owner of the pet.


In certain states, you won’t face any charges but you have to pay for fines. The following list states the amount of fines in different states:

  • California – up to $100 for first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses
  • Minnesota -$25
  • Maryland – $70
  • Rhode Island – $1000
  • Vermont – $2000
  • West Virginia – $300 to $2000
  • New York – $50 to $100 for first offense; $250 for subsequent offense

Months/Years in Jail

Apart from fines, you may also spend months or years in jail depending on the state in which the event occurred. In California, you will face jail time up to six months, and up to one year in Vermont and Rhode Island. Of course, you never want this to happen to you nor to your dog, so take good care of your time and never leave him unattended especially in the car. If you’re going to a place that doesn’t allow dogs, it’s better to leave your dog at home where it is much safer.

Nonetheless, whether or not this incident happens to you, it’s still best to prioritize your dog’s health. To make sure he’s always in perfect condition, consider giving him NuVet Plus.

NuVet Plus is a dog health supplement that can boost your dog’s overall health and condition. For more information about this product, just look out for NuVet Plus Reviews and make sure to read feedback from NuVet Plus users on our NuVet Reviews page.