The Role of Taurine in Your Cat’s Health

Cats require the amino acid taurine to maintain eye, ear, heart, and central nervous system health. Taurine also plays a role in tissue metabolism and bile composition. Failure to maintain proper daily levels of this vital nutrient will most likely lead to cataracts, blindness, deafness, and heart failure. Studies show that taurine deficiency may adversely affect the immune system as well.

Enlargement of the heart and subsequent heart failure caused by taurine deficiency can be at least partially reversed by taurine replacement therapy; but since there are no symptoms specific to the deficiency itself, cat guardians will know one exists only when related cardiac signs present themselves.

Taurine is considered an essential amino acid in cats as they cannot produce it on their own; they must instead obtain it from their food. Cats are most likely to develop a taurine deficiency if they are fed home cooked, meatless, or boiled meat diets.

Your cat’s taurine should come from a human-grade, high quality, and natural taurine-enriched source prepared from animal protein sources like chicken, fish, and eggs. Animal protein sources provide cats with a higher quality protein and a better balance of all the essential amino acids than do vegetable proteins and should be at the top of the ingredients list for your cat’s food.

The unique formulation of NuVet Plus from NuVet Labs feline nutritional supplement provides your cat with the optimal amount of this essential amino acid that plays such a vital role in her health. Add NuVet Plus to her daily diet and watch her thrive!

Reproductive Health

reproductive health - labradorGood health and a strong immune system are crucial factors in the reproductive process, for animals and humans alike. A diet consisting of all natural, high quality, human-grade ingredients supplies dogs and cats with the nutritional support they need to be able to produce healthy, happy puppies or kittens.
Certain nutrients, such as manganese (which maintains sex hormone production) and selenium, specifically target the reproductive system; dietary deficiencies of these elements may even lead to sterility. Studies involving evening primrose oil show that adding this naturally-occurring substance to the diet speeds up the release of sex hormones and improves overall reproductive health.
Other nutrients help dogs and cats maintain top form throughout the reproductive process and produce healthy offspring. Amino acids, for instance, are vital to new bone, muscle, and tendon development and support protein synthesis. It’s not hard to understand the importance of these functions to both mother and baby. Some amino acids also pull extra duty by enhancing the antioxidant activity of certain enzymes, crucial indeed for pregnant, whelping/queening, and nursing dogs and cats. L-methionine is a particularly good example of this. A mother cannot help her babies grow big and strong if she’s expending all her energy fighting disease. Any food source or dietary supplement must provide animals with ample amounts of these nutrients.
Calcium, of course, is crucial to bone development, but did you know that virtually every cell in your dog or cat’s body relies on calcium? The heart, nerves, and muscles all need calcium to work properly. Moms, therefore, need plenty of calcium for their babies’ development (as well as their own) and phosphorous, which works with calcium to build strong bones and teeth.
The B and B-complex vitamins generally support metabolism, red blood cell production, heart, muscle and nerve function, and, in the case of Vitamin B12, fertility. Vitamin B12 is especially important to the reproductive process!
The formulation that goes into NuVet Plus® from NuVet Labs® combines all these nutrients with other important antioxidants, enzymes, herbs, vitamins, and minerals to provide expectant and nursing dogs and cats with all the essentials for the reproductive process, supporting their own health as well as that of their puppies and kittens.

The Best Natural Supplements for Dogs

Your dog is part of your family and, while his lifespan is significantly shorter than yours, you want him by your side as long as possible. Keeping him healthy and active during that time not only makes his life more enjoyable, it makes yours fuller and happier. Giving your dog natural supplements is one way to keep him strong and fit.

There are numerous products available that claim to offer benefits to your dog’s health. Find the best one for your dog by first eliminating synthetic options. Natural dog vitamins or mineral supplements are better for your dog. Just as you want a holistic dog food for your best friend, you also want a supplement with ingredients that work together to make your dog healthier. Consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any supplement.

If your dog is experiencing skin allergies and itching, fish oils and the omega-3 fatty acids they contain can help. Glucosamine supplements promote joint health, a major concern for many breeds of dogs. Vitamin C offers a myriad of health benefits, including helping senior dogs with hip dysplasia, distemper and urinary tract infections. Olive oil strengthens your dog’s immune system and promotes weight loss. Probiotics are commonly prescribed for stomach irritation and diarrhea, but may also fight skin, eye and nose ailments.

A natural multivitamin supplement, similar to the one you probably take each day, may increase your dog’s energy level, add luster to his coat and even improve his mental attitude. Senior dogs whose intestinal tracts no longer absorb nutrition as efficiently can get the vitamins and minerals they need from a natural supplement. Active dogs, like canine police officers, herders or agility competitors, experience added stress on their bodies. Give your dog a natural supplement to replenish the nutrients lost through these activities. If your furry companion is on a diet or is eating less because of an illness, a natural dog vitamin supplement will complement the smaller food intake.

The best natural, holistic supplement to give your dog will not only improve his overall health, but also replenish nutrients and help fight illness and disease. NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus not only do all of this, they are also made with ingredients certified safe for human consumption, because you only want the best for your best friend.