5 Basic Dog Commands to Teach Your New Pup

Basic dog commands are meant to make dogs obedient and disciplined. In addition, these commands are meant to keep your pooch safe.

In an effort to help our readers learn more about their loyal companions, we put together a list of five basic commands that every dog should understand.

● Sit or Stay

In the list of dog commands to teach your new pup, “sit” or “stay” should be at the top. When a dog knows this command, the owner is assured that their pet will stay put when told. This command is especially useful when you are with your dog in a high traffic area and need her to stay still.

● Down

The “down” command tells your dog to calm down and pause. She will stop whatever she’s doing and direct her attention to you. When you give your dog this command, she is expected to stop whatever she’s doing and pay attention. Same with the “sit” command, the “down” order would ensure that your pooch is safe. Especially during potentially tricky situations, like when another dog is around or you are out in a busy place.

 ● Fetch

When you tell a dog to “fetch,” you are actually telling her to get or retrieve a certain object. For example, they would pick up a ball and bring it to you. The “fetch” command allows for great exercise and a game that all dogs naturally enjoy. Furthermore, it is a great way to reaffirm the relationship between the dog parent and the pet.

● Drop It

Have you observed how curious dogs can be? When a dog gets curious, she tends to put things in her mouth. Those things that catch her interest don’t always belong in her mouth. Therefore, teaching her to “drop it” can be beneficial because it can prevent the possibility of your dog from swallowing something hazardous.

● Her Name

Early on, teach your dog what her name is and how to respond to it. The practical reason is of course, so that she knows when she’s being called.

Teaching these five basic dog commands can help keep your dog safe. Moreover, it is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your furry friend. It is natural for dogs to desire to please their human parent. Thus, teaching these commands will be an enjoyable experience for you and your pup.

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