NuVet Labs

Why Your Dog Needs Products Of Nuvet Labs

The main reason you should trust Nuvet’s products is that Nuvet labs are specifically created for pets. Before releasing any product, thorough research was done in Nuvet labs for any possible side effects. In addition, Nuvet labs have been existing for over 20 years. So, here are the qualities of products that were formulated and produced by the brand.

No sensitivities

A lot of dogs have sensitivity issues so they are very selective in the products they use. Nuvet products do not usually lead to sensitivity issues. So, they are great for dogs with sensitivity issues. Their supplements are suitable for all breeds of dogs of all ages.

The supplements have been produced in the form of wafers. Apart from the health benefits of taking these wafers, it has not been linked to any sensitivity issues. So, it is safe for all dogs and cats. You can also try it out. Their shampoos, sprays, and ear cleaners are also devoid of sensitive issues.

No side effects

Apart from sensitivities, there are several other side effects that can be triggered by using certain products for your dog. This hardly happens with Nuvet products. This is because they would have been tested thoroughly before launching each of them. This is why many review sites for dog products are filled with positive reviews of Nuvet products.


All the products produced by this brand are very effective. Take any of their shampoos for instance. The shampoos are very effective in making the skin and coat of your dog very healthy. The coat will be shiny and the skin will be smooth and healthy and most of all, the shampoos prevent all kinds of skin issues because they have quality ingredients.

Their soothing spray is also worthy of mention. You may not appreciate this product until you see a dog suffering from advanced case of itchy skin. The dog will be rubbing his body on any wall with coarse texture. Some dogs even end up wounding themselves in the process.

Once you apply the soothing spray on the itchy skin of your dog, you will notice the results immediately. This is because the product attacks the issue causing the itching and it also soothes the dog in the process. It works for other skin issues too. This is why some dog owners apply this spray on the skin of their dog as a preventive measure in addition to bathing him with dog shampoo.

The best and most popular of their products is Nuvet wafer. This is a dog and cat supplement. It was produced in form of wafers to attract dogs. First of all, this supplement strengthens the immune system of your dog.

It also improves the metabolism of your dog. Its most important function is combating free radicals. This is the most important function because of how dangerous free radicals can be to the health of your dog. Nothing causes age-related health issues in your dog like free radicals. If the free radicals are not tackled, your dog will just suddenly become less agile, more sluggish, and temperamental.