NuVet Plus Reviews

Reading NuVet Plus® reviews from our customers is something that continually inspires us to help keep pets healthy and active. One of the greatest aspects of providing pets with our NuVet Plus® supplements is hearing success stories from happy cat and dog owners.  Pet professionals and pet owners all across the country have shared wonderful stories about how NuVet Plus® has helped improve their pets’ quality of life, and we are pleased to feature some of them on this page. Whether it’s a Husky with increased energy levels or a Schnauzer with health that has greatly improved, it always warms our hearts to see our product helping the lives of pets everywhere.

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NuVet Customer Reviews

“My miniature pinscher suffered from a dry coat, and was always scratching…Rocky has been on NuVet plus for 2 months, and wow what a difference. His coat shines like a diamond, his glands have cleared up. He still scratches very little, but I think it is due to habit!! Also he has a ton of energy, not that this breed doesn’t, his eyes are clear. Also this is a little strange: Rocky started to pre-mature grey he is only 5.5 years old, since he has been on nu-vet his grey looks like it is fading away! He is black & mahogany and those colors look like they are getting brighter. This is a great product! I highly recommend it, and go on the auto ship you save some money!”

Sincerely, Debbie Annis,


“We have been using NuVet powder for over a year now. Our Mini Schnauzers love it! Our one boy Titan…was scratching himself…during the summer months. He no longer has this problem as in the past. All our Mini’s are NuVet dogs!”

Mark & Vicki Ryther,


“The dog groomer I go to recommended your NuVet + Wafers for my 12 year old dog Rosco. Since I started giving him the wafers he has been more playful, sleeps less and acts like he did years ago. These wafers really work, it’s like having my friend back. Thank you so much.”

Jaunita Lambert,


“We got this sweet little 8 year old Bichon from one of our neighbors who did not want her anymore and we had no idea what we were getting into with her, she had the most awful itching and chewing and biting I had ever seen as well as she smelled awful. After spending a fortune at the vet our groomer told us about Nuvet so I thought I would try it because she said it was great for other dogs that she had groomed. I thought after reading the comments from dog owners on your web site I would try it. It took about 6 weeks for the smell to go away and thank goodness it did because it was horrible. She has more energy and is more playful. Her itching is better but not gone all of the way, but I am hoping that it may still get better. Thank you for helping our family.”

Natalie Bankowski,

South Carolina

“I just wanted to thank you for making my dog’s life and mine easy. I own a 3 year old male malti-poo … I have tried a lot of things from shampoos to aloe vera, nothing worked, and sometimes it got worse. Searching for something that could help him on the internet I found you, I wasn’t sure it did sound too good to be true, but I had tried so many things so why not this one, this is the best decision I could have made. In a week I saw the difference, his energy level had increased and his skin and coat looked better. I also ordered the oatmeal shampoo. A month later he looked wonderful, he’s playing all the time, I can give him a bath as times as I want, I am very happy, so is he. And I have to say that he really loves the vitamin, he begs for it, that’s the only treat I give him every day. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!!”

Alicia Angulo,


“Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I have seen so much progress since starting this regimen. You have literally saved my dog’s life….There are no words to express my appreciation.”

Sincerely, Harriette B. Harrison,


“…We put Molly and Kobe our Lab on NuVet Plus a few months ago and I truly feel that it is the NuVet supplements that are the real reason Molly is doing so well. Her fur is beautiful and she looks like a new dog. Kobe our Chocolate Lab just looks great just from taking NuVet.”

Doris Vivian Antoszyk,

West Virginia

“We have 2 Chocolate labs (English) named Heidi and Bella. We feed them high grade dog food… We tried everything to no avail. I don’t have any pictures of them when they had the problem, as I was embarrassed for anyone to see them, they really looked neglected. Now everyone comments on their beautiful coats, and the vet said they are really healthy dogs… ” I must tell you, that is the most awesome product we have ever tried…My poor dogs suffered for about 4 years. A friend told us about NuVet Plus, and it was like a miracle. Within 4 to 5 weeks you could really start to see the difference, no scratching, chewing on self, etc…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Jane Paul,