Nuvet Vitamins

Some Tips For Using Nuvet Vitamins

Nuvet is a special treat for dogs, and it is vital that you introduce it to your puppies just like every other high-value treat. This will help your dog to benefit from the vitamins. Nuvet vitamins are made with real chicken liver to make them taste great to dogs. On very rare occasions some finicky dogs may be reluctant to take as a treat.

But when you are experiencing reluctance, there are a few tips that can help you get through this process. Here are some of them:

When you start noticing such reluctance in your dog, it is recommended that you stop giving your dog the treat for a few days. If your dog is healthy, then this wouldn’t be a problem. When you eventually introduce the treat again, your dog will be very happy to eat it. Another way you can get through this process is by breaking the tablet in half and hiding in their food or something that smells yummy. You can use a little piece of cheese or a glob of peanut butter. Dogs tend to respond very well to smell. So when the food smells nice, they will find it appetizing. So after hiding the wafer in their meals, you can return to using it without any coating. You can as well grind the treat and mix it with their regular meals.

It is important to note that you can make up for your dog’s poor nutrition. Every dog needs exercise, fresh water, high-quality Nuvet vitamins and nutrition, love, and basic companion training.

Among all these requirements, what seems to be more difficult for pet owners to supply is good food. So it is vital that you do your homework very well and find the best food that you can feed your dog with. This will have a significant positive effect on your dog’s quality of life.

Don’t just strictly adhere to what a salesperson tells you. Most of them don’t know much about pet nutrition, and they are just following someone else’s instruction.

Nuvet Vitamins for Puppies

A lot of respected breeders start giving their puppies Nuvet vitamins early enough. This helps them to develop a very strong immune system that will help them during their transition. If you are asked to continue using the vitamins after taking the puppy to your home, it is very important that you do so. It is one of the best ways of investing in the overall health of your dog. Even when it is not recommended, it is still important that you add it to the health routine of your dog.

Although uncommon, some young puppies may find it difficult to chew the entire wafer. In such cases, you can opt-in for the powdered form of Nuvet vitamins and mix it with your dog’s food or add it to a soft treat. If you can’t reach the powdered form, and only have access to the tablet, then you can grind it and follow the same procedure.