NuVet Plus Powder

NuVet Plus Powder for your Awesome Pet

Pet owning is not just some sort of entertainment; it is a life-long responsibility that requires serious attention and care. Nowadays, more and more people are taking interest to pursue a life companionship with tamed animals such as cats and dogs. Because of the recreational and psychological support that most pets can bring to humans, NuVet Labs has created a modernized strategy to enhance this relationship by providing healthcare pet products that will strengthen their overall wellbeing and secure them from any life-threatening toxins and health risks.

Our company is composed of pet devotees who have collaboratively joined together to offer pet food supplements that boost the animal’s immune system, balances diet, and helps prevents free radical exposure. All of our NuVet natural-based products are manufactured in a FDA registered laboratory to ensure that each of our products is processed using modernized technologies formulated by scientific pet experts. We have created a natural food aid that is more nutrient-focused compared to other pet food items.

Product Guarantee

Since the year 1997, NuVet has been innovating nutritional support for pets using nutrient rich products in the form of a tasty wafer or powder. Aside from that, we cater cleaning and grooming care products that better suit your pet. We offer feline care supplements, soothing skin spray, pet stain odor remover, oatmeal shampoo, conditioner for puppies and kittens, odor control, and pet spray. Since we prioritize the wellbeing of your pet, all of our products are certifiably composed of high-quality materials and ingredients from the top and most trusted pharmaceutical companies.

We care for both pets and their owners, that is why we offer a 60-day return policy and a money-back guarantee for any concerns that might arise with the products. Just make sure to make the necessary arrangement using your return authorization number before the 60-day warranty ends upon purchase. Also, the customer must pay any shipping fee for returned items. We do not conduct reselling for returned items. In order for us to ensure the safety of your pets, we prioritize the well being of every domesticated animal that depends on our product services.

Best Option for NuVet Plus Powder

The NuVet Plus powdered products evolved after 8 years of spontaneous research, laboratory study, and formulation. The result is our very own nutrient rich supplement with a complete formula that supports the whole being of your pet, especially for your K9 dogs and feline pets. The NuVet Plus team of specialized pet health providers, veterinarians, and medical experts for animals, worked together to develop these healthcare products. Each ingredient is studied and accurately classified by its full potential for a more precise result. These are the best potential substances such as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and even natural herbs.

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Feel free to reach NuVet Labs for any inquiries and pet-related concerns and tips through our telephone numbers: 800-474-7044 or 8181-865-9362 (fax). You can also send us your messages at or check out our website for more detailed information.