Homemade Toys for Feline Fun

Pet owners immediately have toys ready for their new furry family members when they come home. However, cats don’t necessarily need fancy, expensive toys to quell their natural curiosity and need for play. You can transform several simple items into the best homemade toys for cats. Create safe, inexpensive, and creative toys for loads of feline fun.

Before getting started, keep the following in mind:

  • It is important to always supervise your cat during play time. Be sure to remove the toy if it becomes too battered, broken or could pose a hazard.
  • Ensure your cat has ample energy to romp and play by providing a healthy, well-rounded diet. Adding a daily supplement to your feline friend’s diet, like NuVet Plus Feline formula, can enhance your cat’s overall health, energy, and well-being.

The Catnip Sock

First, find an old, clean sock. A thicker sock is ideal because it will last longer. Put a few tablespoons of catnip in the sock and make sure it doesn’t have any holes so nothing leaks out. Tie the top of the sock shut and watch your cat go nuts for the savory sock.

The Toilet Paper Tube

An empty cardboard toilet paper tube on its own may be enough to amuse your kitty. Yet, you can go a step further and make it even more amusing with a few snips of the scissors.

First clean off any leftover paper shards that may be stuck to the cardboard tube. Then cut a series of slits around each side of the tube.

Start with a lengthwise slit about 2-inches long. Continue to cut slits about 1-inch apart around the tube’s outer edge. Repeat this process on the other side of the tube. Finish by folding up the cut edges to create a kind of sunburst pattern on each side of the tube. Place the tube in front of your feline companion and let them give it a go!

The Dried Bean Shaker

A small handful of dried beans, combined with a plastic container, results in the perfect cat toy. The sound the dried beans make in the plastic container provides an enticing noise most cats can’t resist. The dried beans can be of any variety, or even include dried peas. The plastic container can be an empty plastic Easter egg or an empty and thoroughly cleaned vitamin or pill bottle. Place the dried beans in the bottle of choice and give it a shake for your feline friend to hear.

The Empty Box Toys

Whether you just finished off your box of morning cereal or received a package in the mail, empty boxes can be a favorite plaything. Remove any plastic labels or peel-able stickers, put the box on the floor and watch your cat enjoy. That’s it.

No matter what homemade toy you decide to make, remember to keep a keen eye on your cat during playtime. Keep an even keener eye on their health with the addition of pet supplements to their daily diet.

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